Interior Design and Decorating in Limited Urban Space

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More and more people today are living in limited urban spaces. Small apartments are the norm in most cities, and increasing numbers of young professionals are having to purchase smaller homes due to rising property prices.

Having a smaller property can raise challenges when it comes to interior design. Finding the best way to maximize your space while making your rooms appear to be more spacious than they really are is a skill that can be difficult to achieve.

Finding An Interior Designer London

If you live want to improve the appearance of your small urban interior, you need the services of a high quality painters central London. A professional can assess your living space and find ways to make your home functional and yet stylish. Rather than feeling trapped by the confined space, an experienced interior designer will be able to create exciting ways to make your bijou property comfortable, practical and yet extremely chic.

Interior Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces

Using light colours and large tiles are two ways that interior designers can open up a small living area to make it appear more roomy. Using multi-functional furnishings are just one way to make the best use of space, for example installing reinforced shelving that can be used to store books or can be cleared to use as extra seating if guests come round. Removing large coffee tables and replacing with petite side tables gives the illusion of a larger amount of floor, and using glass panelled doors instead of wood gives a greater sense of flow and airiness inside the property. Clever storage solutions of attractive under bed baskets, floor to ceiling shelving and intelligent conversion of wasted understair spaces by turning them into small study corners or even guest bed alcoves are all wonderful ways that decorators central London can turn your small property into a beautiful living space.

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